TIRINTO the Bingata Atelier:
Fusion of the traditional Japanese dyeing techniques and the sense of modern beauty.

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The Bingata atelier TIRINTO producer Mako Totani introduces Bingata and the atelier.

About Bingata

TIRINTO was established by a dyeing artist Mako Totani in 2005.

This brand combines the traditional Japanese dyeing techniques of Bingata and the sense of modern beauty.

Bingata is a dyeing technique, which originally was used to dye Kimonos. At my atelier, we dye everyday products such as coin purse, accessary, umbrella and tapestry for seasonal festivals.

Also, we make dyed dresses using the silk fabric "Chirimen".

All processes from design to dyeing are done in my atelier.

Once the cloth is ready for commercialization, tailoring is carefully done by Japanese artisans.

The designs are created from imagination and sketches of plants.

The TIRINTO color has not only colorful, but also provides a feeling of warmth.

TIRINTO presents such warm and unique colors of Bingata to you all.

About Bingata Atelier TIRINTO

Bingata is one of the traditional dyeing techniques "stencil dyeing" in Japan.

The Okinawan’s traditional crafts called Bingata, has been actively dying costumes for the Royal Family since the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries of the Ryukyu Kingdom.

Over the Turbulent Period, the cloths have been protected and now many people have inherited the tradition and continue to this day.

Bingata has been influenced by fabrics of Southeast Asia and China to give an impact on Japanese dyeing techniques and patterns.

It is an important craft representing the Ryukyu culture.

Colorful and sophisticated dyeing is one of the most unique crafts in Japan.

About the brand name TIRINTO

TIRINTO is a native plant of Okinawa and named "Higiri" in Japanese.

The mark of TIRINTO is a design of pretty red flowers blooming.

I chose TIRINTO as my brand name because the flower represents such wonderful memories of my master and I.

My Works

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Process of Bingata Dyeing

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